In 2017, the Village Board adopted a long term goal for the Village, a Vision Statement of how they saw the Village looking in ten years.  That Vision Statement is as follows:

A growing community with a diverse economy and quality infrastructure, championed by the people of the village.

To get to the goal of the Vision Statement, the Village Board also in 2017 adopted a Mission Statement.  The Mission Statement is the roadmap for how the Village will achieve the Vision that was adopted by the Village Board.  The Mission Statement is below:

To achieve this Vision the Village of Kronenwetter is dedicated to:

  • Promoting economic growth and strategically positioning Kronenwetter for the future,
  • Investing in infrastructure to support a growing community,
  • Building an inclusive and informed citizenry, and;
  • Meeting service demands through high quality customer service, innovation, a positive work environment, and a commitment to excellence.

The Village of Kronenwetter was incorporated under general law and, under a Wisconsin constitutional amendment, has “home rule” powers to determine its own local affairs. The Village President presides over the seven-member Board of Trustees and votes as an ex officio trustee.  Village trustees and the President are elected for two-year terms in spring non-partisan elections.
The Village staff consists of Department Heads: Administrator, Village Clerk, Police Chief, Finance Director/Treasurer, Director of Public Works, Community Development Director and Volunteer Fire Chief and the Administrative Support Staff: Account Clerk, Water Utility Clerk, Communications Specialist, and Planning Technician.
The Village Board has appointed several commissions and committees that it deemed necessary for the efficient operation of the Village.  These include:  Police & Fire Commission, Plan Commission, Redevelopment Authority, Board of Review, Board of Appeals, Administrative Policy Committee, Utility Committee, and the Community Life, Infrastructure & Public Property (CLIPP) Committee.  The appointed members of these committees and commissions consist of both elected and non-elected officials.  On a temporary, as-needed basis, the Board may appoint special committees and sub-committees to meet limited, specific needs.
The Village utilizes a number of professional service organizations to support its financial, engineering, legal, and assessment needs.

Kronenwetter Municipal Center (MAP)
1582 Kronenwetter Drive
Kronenwetter, WI 54455