Bull Junior Creek Floodplain

Bull Junior Creek Floodplain

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One of the Village of Kronenwetter’s top projects is the Bull Junior Creek floodplain study.  The floodplain affects a large number of homes, businesses, and vacant properties in the area. The main objective of this project is to more accurately assess the risks of flooding from Bull Junior Creek within the area. We are not proposing to alter waterways, but simply trying to determine the actual extent of the floodplain.

CURRENT UPDATE: (As of January 27, 2023) The revised Federal Emergency Management Agency floodplain maps are now effective.

Village staff are currently drafting a new floodplain ordinance. Once the ordinance is complete, a public hearing will be held. The Village Board will give final approval to the ordinance.

After the new ordinance is adopted, an informational meeting will be held for the community.

Homeowners that feel they are out of the floodplain with the new maps should contact their mortgage lenders to inquire whether they can remove their flood insurance. If the mortgage lender feels flood insurance is required, but the homeowner feels that their property is out, they will need to apply for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) or if they think their building is out they can apply for (LOMA Out as Shown). 

This will require hiring a surveyor to complete a LOMA or Out as Shown. For more information on the LOMA process visit the following FEMA website page:  Paper Application Forms for Letter of Map Changes | FEMA.gov

For a building that is visibly out of the Flood plain one would want to complete Out as Shown. Here are the steps for Out as Shown: Letter of Map Amendment (Out as Shown) (fema.gov)

For those that were out of the floodplain, but now find themselves within the flood area, their mortgage lenders should be notifying them about the flood insurance requirement.

If the property owner feels they should not be in the newly mapped floodplain, they can apply for a LOMA with engineering proof of elevation above the area highwater elevation. 

This will require a hired surveyor to complete a LOMA. For more information on this process visit the following FEMA website page:  Paper Application Forms for Letter of Map Changes | FEMA.gov

For those who want to make a land configuration change or fill in the floodplain, you would need FEMA approval in the form of a Letter of Map Recommendation-Fill (LOMR-F).  For more information on this process visit the following FEMA website page:  https://www.fema.gov/flood-maps/change-your-flood-zone/loma-lomr-f      

If you have questions or would like to be contacted when this study is complete, please email the Planning Technician at wgau@kronenwetter.org. Your information will be added to the floodplain study contact list.

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Floodplain History

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