The Village divides up the various services that are provided to the citizens of the Village within a number of departments.   Below is a list of the various departments and corresponding duties for each department.

Assessor: The Village contracts with Associated Appraisal for appraisal services on both residential and commercial properties with the Village.  The State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue appraises any industrial properties.

Building Inspection: The Village has contracted with Mike Block for building inspection services. To schedule a building inspection, residents can call the Village main office and speak to the Community Development Office at 715-693-4200.

Community Development: This department handles overseeing the planning and zoning activities. The job typically entails deciding how best to zone various areas of the city, making recommendations to a zoning board regarding requests for changes and oversight to make sure businesses and residences are in compliance.

Finance Department: This department is both the accounts payable and accounts receivable of the Village.  It also works with the other departments on the yearly budget and in the beginning part of the year collects the property taxes of the Village.

Fire Department: The Kronenwetter Fire Department is in charge of fire Suppression activities, fire Inspections of local businesses and Responding to health emergency scenes.  The department works closely with the Riverside Fire District who provides ambulance service to the Village.  

Municipal Court: The municipal court is responsible for hearing traffic and ordinance violation cases that the Kronenwetter Police Department refers.

Parks & Recreation: The Parks & Recreation department maintains the Village's numerous parks and bike trails that are around the community.

Police Department:  The Police Department is charged with enforcement of local ordinances of the Village, as well as State and Federal Laws.  Marathon County Dispatch Center provides the Kronenwetter Police Department dispatching services.

Public Works Department:  This department is  in charge of repairing and maintaining the roads in the Village.  During the winter, their focus turns to snow and ice removal from the roads. 

Urban Forestry: This department works with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on dealing with Oak Wilt, and Emerald Ash Borer as well as maintaining the Village's gravel planting bed which is located behind the municipal center.

Village Administrator:  The Village Administrator is a direct report of the Village Board and his position is charged with putting into action the policies and procedures that are adopted by the Village Board. 

Village Clerk: The Village Clerk is the official keeper of the Village's records.  She is also the Village's payroll clerk, manages elections, and manages the Board of Review, the committee that is charged with hearing appeals to people's property tax assessments.

Water & Sewer Utility: The Village provides water service to a portion of the Village via underground pipes and the elevated water tower.   The Village also provides sewer service to a portion of the Village and pipes the waste water to the Rib Mountain Metro Sewerage District.