Kennel Permit

Kennel Permit

What is a Kennel Permit?
Kennel means a facility where dogs, cats, or other animals are kept for boarding, grooming, training, breeding, purchase, sale, or similar purposes for compensation.

Kennels may include incidental sale of pet supplies. This does not include animal shelters or a facility owned or operated by a veterinarian where animals are boarded only in conjunction with the provision of veterinary care.

Read Chapter 200-6 Kennels of the Village's Code of Ordinances here.

How to obtain a Kennel Permit
1. Complete an application and return it to the Village Clerk.

2. Animal information for each animal owned, harbored, or kept under the Kennel Permit must be attached to the application.

3. Pay $75 for the annual permit. The permit expires on December 31 of the year issued.

4. Completed application will be presented to the Village Board for approval.

5. After Village Board approval is obtained, the Village Clerk will issue the permit.

Kennel Permit Application
Kennel Permit Renewal Application