Animal Fancier License

Animal Fancier License

What is an Animal Fancier License?
Animal fancier is any person owning, harboring or keeping, when accessory to an established residential use, the allowable number of cats or dogs specified for an animal fancier, for personal and noncommercial purposes, which includes but is not limited to hunting tracking, exhibition in dog shows, obedience trials, field trials, dog sledding, animal foster rescue or to enhance or perpetuate a given breed, and other uses determined by the human officers to be similar in nature.

Read Chapter 200-7 Animal Fanciers of the Village's Code of Ordinances here.

How to obtain an Animal Fancier License
1. Complete an application and return it to the Village Clerk.

2. Animal information for each animal owned, harbored, or kept under the Animal Fancier License must be attached to the application.

3. Pay $75 for the annual license. The license expires on December 31 of the year issued.

4. Completed application will be presented to the Village Board for approval.

5. After Village Board approval is obtained, the Village Clerk will issue a license.

6. After approval, obtain individual dog licenses for each dog under the Animal Fancier License.
Dog license chart

Animal Fancier License Application
Animal Fancier License Renewal Application