Public forum to discuss future ambulance service set for June 12, 2024

Public forum to discuss future ambulance service set for June 12, 2024

Kronenwetter Fire & Rescue is looking to implement an ambulance service here in the Village. Fire Chief Theresa O’Brien and EMS Coordinator Alexa Kufalk proposed this possibility and plan to the Community Life, Infrastructure and Public Property Committee(CLIPP),Administrative Police Committee (APC) and the Village Board.

A public forum has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at 6 p.m. in the Village Board Room at the Kronenwetter Municipal Center, 1582 Kronenwetter Drive, Kronenwetter, WI 54455. Submit your questions for the public forum here. 

The ambulance service proposal includes background information including details of the Village’s current contract with Riverside Fire District. It also presents funding opportunities as well as fiscal information and its impact. O’Brien and Kufalk have created a step-by-step implementation and operational plan which would be put in place immediately upon approval. They hope to have the ambulance service running by January 1, 2026.

“If you could have an ambulance service run by the Village of Kronenwetter Fire Department with no additional tax implications, a decrease inpatient level billing fees, without a decrease in patient care, staffed by the Village of Kronenwetter Fire Department EMS who are already devoted to giving you quality care and who knows what it means to live and/or work in the Village of Kronenwetter, wouldn’t you want it?” said Kufalk. “Village of Kronenwetter Fire Department EMS have always been dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and compassion to each patient on every call and that would continue to grow through an ambulance service.”

The Village Board must approve the plan in order for implementation to move forward.