Do not burn in the Village

Do not burn in the Village

❌��PLEASE DO NOT BURN! The conditions are VERY DRY AND NOT FAVORABLE for burning.

Marathon County is in high fire danger according to the WI Department of Natural Resources. Recently, over 20 acres have burned within the county borders. If you burn during unfavorable conditions, and your fire gets away from you, you will pay.

Village ordinance § 227-7 says you can and will be charged for a fire call if you violate the rules laid out in Chapter 227.
Take a look at § 227-7 below: “Any person violating this chapter shall, in addition to the penalties provided in other sections of this Code, reimburse the village for reasonable cost of fire protection services made necessary by the violation, including, but not limited to, the costs of investigation of the violation and any response by the village's fire department as a result of the violation. The prosecution for violations of this chapter or payment of the penalties provided shall not prohibit any person from seeking any other remedy against the person causing or permitting the burning. (Ord. of 3-24-2003; Ord. of 2-26-2007)”

If you have branches to burn, please take them to the Kronenwetter Yard Waste which is open 365 days a year from dawn to dusk. The site is located at 4496 Martin Road, just west of County Highway J.

Check out the fire danger levels around the state at the DNR website here: