Looking for Last Year's Tax Bills or Payment History?

Check out the Marathon County Land Records system for tax history, payment history and a lot of other great information including assessment values, special assessments and garbage charges on your property.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for accessing the Land Records System:
Marathon County Land Records: http://www.co.marathon.wi.us/Departments/CountyTreasurer/LandRecords.aspx
- Enter the system by clicking: ONLINE
- Select Public Access
- Agree to the Terms of Service
- Select Land Records System
- You can enter your Parcel ID Number (no dashes or spaces: 14527XXXXXXXX) or search by your address
- Select Check All and Submit

See sections (8) Recent Taxes - which has tax bills as PDFs going back to 2012, (9) Parcel Tax Receipts - with payment receipts going back to 2012, and (11) Tax History - taxes and total paid going back to 2003.

If you need more information, contact the Village at 715-693-4200 or eley@kronenwetter.org or the Marathon County Treasurer at 715-261-1150 or treasurer@co.marathon.wi.us.