State shared revenue increase could mean a 90% increase for Kronenwetter

State shared revenue increase could mean a 90% increase for Kronenwetter

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers enacted legislation that will provide shared revenue increases for local communities, including Kronenwetter.

Assembly Bill 245, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 12, was signed by Evers on June 20, 2023.

“I believe the state should be doing its part to support our local partners and ensure our communities have the resources they need to meet basic and unique needs alive, period, and I ‘ve always believed that supporting our local communities is an area where we could work to find common ground and bipartisan support, and that’s exactly what we did,” said Evers in a press release from his office.

The Village of Kronenwetter will be receiving a preliminary 90% increase in its aid.

The existing county and municipal aid for Kronenwetter sits at $242,893, but yesterday’s legislation could mean an additional $219,653.

“Any additional revenue is beneficial to a community, especially in these times when everything is inadvertently expensive,” said Village of Kronenwetter Interim Administrator Kim Manley.

These funds can be spent for any purpose approved by the local governing body.

This practice of the state sharing taxes with local governments dates back to 1911 when a share of the newly enacted state income tax went to local governments to compensate them from property tax exemptions enacted at the same time.

Find a full breakdown of additional funding communities will receive here: