Lift Station 10 Clogged AGAIN!

Lift Station 10 services the Tower Woods subdivision.  Just days ago, it had to be lifted and cleared of wipes.  This time the pump is packed solid with rags, grease, condoms, and candy wrappers.

According to Lead Water Operator Mark Mackey, the pump ran 19 hours over the weekend.  Normally the pump runs about 3-4 hours over the same time period.

“I’m surprised the pump didn’t trip out,” Mackey said.

To clear a pump, it must be lifted more than twenty feet from the lift station.  It adds an extra days worth of work for the utility crew. 

The Village implores residents to ONLY flush human waste and toilet paper down the toilet.

Items that should NOT go into the toilet, sink, or sewer system include WIPES of any kind, rags or fabric of any kind, feminine hygiene products, disposable diapers, and cooking grease.  Products labeled “flushable” DO NOT break down (including the flushable wipes designed for toilets) and DO cause blockages and service problems in the sewer line requiring expensive repairs.

Save yourself and the Village money by disposing of these items into the trash can and not the toilet or sink.

To see which lift station services your neighborhood, click the following link to view the map: Lift Station Map