Blending Well Water

In an effort to improve the water quality, the Water Utility will be making adjustments to the water well pump operating cycles and the water distribution system flow routing beginning Monday, March 15th. This work will change flow rates and flow directions. As a result, there may be some water system disturbances that create discolored water. The impacts will most likely be in the Lea Road area. However, discolored water may appear in other surrounding areas depending upon flow conditions. The water is safe to drink, although it is best to avoid drinking the water until it runs clear from the tap. it is advised to wash clothes after the water runs clear from the tap as well to avoid the possibility of getting stained clothes. Using a product such as Iron Out may reduce the risk of staining. if discolored water should persist, please call the Water Utility office at 715-693-5732.

More information on the Village's water quality efforts can be found here.