Board of Review (BOR)

Board of Review (BOR)

The Board of Review is a quasi-judicial body that is primarily an appeal body created for property owners who are dissatisfied with the assessment fixed by the assessor and wish to present their cases before the board. The board hears evidence and decides whether the assessor's valuation is correct.

The Board of Review meets annually during the 45-day period beginning on the 4th Monday of April but no sooner than seven days after the last day of Open Book. Open Book is the period when the completed assessment roll is open for examination by taxpayers, and property owners can contest their assessment with the assessor.

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Meeting packets, minutes and audio are AVAILABLE HERE.

President   Chris Voll  715-359-1931 2025
Trustee Christopher Eiden  715-574-3075 2025
Trustee Ken Charneski  715-310-3572 2025
Trustee Kelly Coyle  715-498-6024 2025
Trustee Alex Vedvik 609-219-9083 2025
Trustee Aaron Myszka 715-370-7456 2025
Trustee  Cindy Lee Buchkowski-Hoffmann 715-581-8582 2025
Clerk Bobbi Jo Birk-LaBarge 715-693-4200 ext. 111