Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals

Water System Improvements

Request for Proposals Water System Improvements Phase 1 & Phase 2

The purpose of the proposed projects is to address customer health and aesthetic concerns over increasing iron and manganese levels in the Well No. 2 waters. The Village has adopted a multi-phase response plan. The first two phases are the construction of a meeting station and a water treatment plant.

The first phase is to purchase treated water from an adjacent community, which will require a water main and a metering station. The second phase is the construction of a water treatment plant for Well No. 2. following the construction of a treatment plant, the metered connection will remain in service as a third water supply source and to provide access to additional water storage capacity.

2021 Seal Coat Program

Advertisement for Bids - 2021 Seal Coat Program
Bid Documents for the 2021 Seal Coat Program-WORD FILE
Bidder's proof of Liability form-This form has to accompany the bid packet and is good for one year from submittal. 
The Village of Kronenwetter is advertising for the 2021 Seal Coat Program. The Village will take bids from firms, review them at both the Administrative Policy Committee (APC) at their April 21st meeting and the Community Life, Infrastructure and Public Property (CLIPP) committee meeting on May 3rd. The Village Board will review the bids at their May 11th meeting.