Village Administrator

Village Administrator

The Village Administrator is the chief administrative and operations officer of the Village, responsible to the Village Board for the proper and efficient administration of the business and affairs of the Village.

He/She manages the overall operations of the Village under the general direction of the Village Board, prepares or directs the preparation of administrative policies and procedures, and enforces all Village policies and procedures to ensure standardized and efficient operations.

The Administrator works with the Village Board and its President, commission and committee Chairpersons, Attorney, and Clerk to ensure that all Open Meetings Laws are adhered to strictly and consistently for all board, commission, and committee meetings. He/She recommends to the Village Board the appointment, promotion, discipline, suspension, and termination of department heads if in the best interests of the Village as well as appoints, promotes, disciplines, suspends, and terminates non-department head employees on the recommendation of and in consultation with the supervising department head.

The Administrator provides oversight and direction to all department heads during the annual budget preparation process, administers and monitors the budget, and ensures that all the Village carries out all financial plans approved by the Village Board regularly.

The Village Administrator represents the Village in all intergovernmental relationships and represents the Village in various local, state, and federal organizations.  He/She functions as the Public Information Officer for all external communications in the community. He develops internal administrative procedures to facilitate communications with the Village residents and ensures that the Village government responds to and resolves resident complaints expeditiously.