Lead Service Line Inventory Info

Lead Service Line Inventory Info

Kronenwetter is LEAD PIPE free! (3)

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Read more about the survey below.

What is this survey about? Help us stay compliant.
The Village of Kronenwetter Water and Sewer Utility is working to ensure that all the materials in the water system are known, inventoried, and up to modern standards. As there is no lead in the water delivered to your home, particles of lead can get into your drinking water as it passes through Lead Service Lines.

Kronenwetter DOES NOT have any lead service lines in the water utility. But the private lines connected to the utility may have lead. This survey must be conducted due to a 2021 revision to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Lead and Copper Rule. It is now a requirement to maintain a database by October 16, 2024 of the entire system.

We know your time is valuable, and we sincerely appreciate your willingness to participate in this effort. Your prompt response is appreciated, so PLEASE take a few minutes and complete the following survey!

If you have questions or encounter issues while completing this survey, please don’t hesitate to contact the Kronenwetter Water Department at 715-693-4200 ext. 5732. THANK YOU!

What is a service line? Your connection to Kronenwetter’s water utility.
Your service line is the pipe that connects the water main in your house or business. This pipe brings water inside the building and is owned by you, the property owner. It brings water to your meter, usually in the basement. We need your help to identify the service line material at your Kronenwetter property.
INLET (2) - Copy

We also need to know the material of your interior plumbing, which is the pipe after the meter.

Take a look at these pictures to help identify how each material appears.

Screenshot 2024-05-02 120921

If you are not certain what kind of pipe you have, please take a picture of it and email it to kcoyle@kronenwetter.org. Please include your property address with the pictures.

How to identify your pipe material. All you need is a penny and screwdriver.
Tools Needed:
Flathead screwdriver, magnet, copper penny, or similar metal tool

First, locate the water service coming into the building. It is typically found in the basement, mechanical room, or in a wall panel. A water meter is installed on the water service line pipe after the point of entry into the building.

Identify test areas on BOTH the INLET and the OUTLET sides of the water meter. The INLET is the side coming into the dwelling from the street. The OUTLET side is the portion that leaves the water meter and goes into the dwelling. If the pipe is covered or wrapped, peel back the cover to expose a small area of the pipe, about 6 inches, to clearly see the color of the pipe.

INLET - Copy (2)

Using the edge of a screwdriver, penny, or another similar tool, scratch or scrape through any corrosion that may have built up on the outside of the pipe so that the color of the pipe can clearly be seen.

Next, use a magnet and the color of the pipe to identify the material of the water service line from the following criteria:

Lead Shiny and silver-gray Will not stick
Galvanized Steel Dull silver-gray Will stick
Copper Copper like a penny Will not stick
Plastic Vary in color Will not stick

Thank you!!