Going to Trial

Going to Trial

Marathon County Circuit Court Appeal
If you are found guilty in Kronenwetter Municipal Court, you can appeal that decision to Marathon County Circuit Court. You must file a notice of appeal and pay the filing fee within 20 days of the municipal court decision.

You can request that the circuit court take your appeal in one of three ways:

1. You can request that the circuit court review the transcript of the municipal court trial and make a decision based on that review.
2. You can request a trial before the circuit court judge (bench trial).
3. You can request a trial by jury in circuit court. 

You can obtain an appeal form by contacting the Kronenwetter Municipal Court. Once an appeal is filed in circuit court, the municipal court judgment and sentence are stayed or stopped. No action is taken to enforce sentence pending the appeal.

OWI 1st Offense Jury Trial
If you are being charged with 1st offense OWI in Kronenwetter Municipal Court and plead not guilty, you may request a jury trial before the Marathon County Circuit Court. A timely written request and payment of any applicable fees must be made within 10 days of your initial appearance.