FAQs for Required Well Inspections and Well Water Samples

FAQs for Required Well Inspections and Well Water Samples

If I have a private well that is OUTSIDE of the area of the Kronenwetter Utility system, do I have to get an inspection?
No.  This inspection is only for private wells on the Kronenwetter Utility system.  If your well is due for an inspection this year, you have received a letter from the Kronenwetter Water Utility.

Who needs a private well inspection?
Only private wells on the Kronenwetter Utility system who were last inspected in 2014 (10 years ago) need a private well inspection.

My last inspection was in 2015, do I need an inspection this year?
No. The only wells that require an inspection this year, are those that were last inspected in 2014.

Why does this inspection need to be done?  
This test entails a cross connection inspection that ensures the private well is not illegally hooked up to the water utility system.  The water sample taken is tested for coliform. This is conducted to be sure the water is free of coliform, so that it does not cross contaminate the Kronenwetter Water Utility system.

When must this inspection and water sample be completed?
September 30, 2024

The Village water utility usually provides the required well inspection.  Are they going to be providing one this year?
No.  The Kronenwetter Water Utility will no longer be providing that service to the Village residents. Instead, the property owner must hire a certified inspector.

Do I have to use a certain inspector?
No.  You must hire a certified inspector. The following link provides a list of certified inspectors, but you are not required to use any on this given list. WELL SYSTEM INSPECTORS LIST.pdf

Can I draw a water sample myself?
Yes. The Department of Natural Resources does NOT require a licensed well driller/pump installer to draw the water sample. Instead, you can pick up a bottle to collect your sample (along with instructions) at the Marathon County Health Department or at the Village of Kronenwetter Municipal Center.

What do I do with the sample after I have collected it?
Take your sample to the laboratory at 1000 Lake View Drive, Ste 100 in Wausau, WI. This lab accepts samples Monday – Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and Thursday from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.  The cost of this service is around $22 and will be charged upon drop-off.

How do I receive the lab results?
Results are usually emailed within 3-10 business days.

What do I do with the lab results after I receive them?
Send or drop-off the results to the Kronenwetter Utility (KWU) at 1582 Kronenwetter Drive, Kronenwetter, WI or email the results to kcoyle@kronenwetter.org.

What if my water sample comes back unsafe?
You must draw another sample until it tests safe in order to keep the private well.  It is recommended that after three unsafe samples, the well be abandoned.

How do I abandon my well?
You must contact a licensed well driller or pump installer to complete the abandonment.  The KWU requires a copy of the well abandonment form, which is completed by the licensed driller or installer. Abandonments must be completed by September 30, 2024.

What will happen if I fail to complete an inspection by September 30, 2024?
Failure to complete a private well permit inspection may result in disconnection of water service.  Any well owner who is in violation may be fined $100 for the first quarter in which the violation occurs and which fine shall increase by an additional $100 for each quarter such violation continues. (§508-69).

If you have any questions regarding a private well permit renewal, call Kim Coyle with the Kronenwetter Water Utility at 715-693-5732.