Village of Kronenwetter
Village Board

Village Vision: "Kronenwetter is a safe, growing, family-oriented community strategically located between Wausau and Stevens Point with a highly educated and skilled workforce and a focus on promoting economic opportunities while preserving a high quality of life."

Kronenwetter's Village Board is comprised of a president, and six trustee members elected at-large. Each elected official serves a two-year term with new terms beginning on the 3rd Tuesday in April.

PresidentChris Voll715-359-1931cvoll@kronenwetter.orgTerm Expires 2017
TrusteeChristopher Eiden715-574-3075ceiden@kronenwetter.orgTerm Expires 2017
TrusteeJason Holmes715-551-5938 jholmes@kronenwetter.orgTerm Expires 2018
TrusteeKen Pozorski715-693-2979kpozorski@kronenwetter.orgTerm Expires 2017
TrusteeDan Lesniak715-432-6294dlesniak@kronenwetter.orgTerm Expires 2018
TrusteeGeraldine Kowalski715-359-4184gkowalski@kronenwetter.orgTerm Expires 2017
TrusteeVACANT  Term Expires 2018

All Village Board meetings are open to the public and governed by a state law called "The Open Public Meetings Act." In Wisconsin, all meetings of governmental bodies at which decisions are made are public meetings, and anyone interested may attend the meeting and observe.  All Village Board meeting agendas and packet materials are posted on the Village of Kronenwetter website.

The Village Board meetings begin at 6:00 PM on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.  They are held at the Village of Kronenwetter Municipal Center in the Board Meeting Room in the basement. The Board takes formal action at these meetings, such as approving contracts, awarding bids, or passing the ordinances that set policy or regulates how the Village operates.


The Village Board enacts legislation and takes official action in various ways, operating under Robert's Rules of Order:

  • Motions are used to approve, reject or table procedural matters, such as appointing members to boards, committees, and commissions, accepting reports, authorizing contracts, paying claims, giving direction to Village Staff and similar routine business.
  • Ordinances are local laws dealing with matters such as traffic, zoning, health and safety regulations, governmental organization, building and other construction codes, licenses, user fees, etc. Once an ordinance is adopted it can only be amended through enactment of another ordinance, and all ordinances must be published in the Village's official newspaper before they become effective. Most ordinances of a general nature are compiled in a volume entitled the Village of Kronenwetter Code of Ordinances or simply the "Village Code".
  • Resolutions are used to establish policy, express the opinion of the Board in a more formal manner, direct or authorize administrative action, offer official congratulations or appreciation on behalf of the Village, or to make various ceremonial acts.