Utility Committee (UC)

 The Utility Committee(UC) provides recommendations to the Village Board on issues regarding the water utility, sewer utility, storm water issues, and broadband expansion issues (the Village does not know own broadband infrastructure, so this would only be to address broadband expansion projects proposed by private developers).   Per ordinance, a majority of the UC members must be customers of the Village’s water and sewer utilities


 Trustee   Chris Voll  715-359-1931  cvoll@kronenwetter.org 
 Trustee  Jason Holmes   715-551-5938  jholmes@kronenwetter.org 
 Citizen  Craig Mortensen   715-302-0312  craigm@futureproductscorp.net 
 Citizen  Emil Wasniewski   715-581-6458  wasniewskide@gmail.com
 Citizen  Dan Raczkowski  715-573-4723    draczkowski8697@charter.net