Community Life and Public Safety Committee (CLPSC)

Community Life & Public Safety Committee (CLPSC)

The CLPSC provides recommendations to the Village Board on issues regarding community safety including police and fire department operations and budgets; village inspection services, traffic and pedestrian safety matters; community life matters such as recreation opportunities and community outreach; and any other matters referred to it by Village Board or Administrator. The CLPSC typically meets monthly, on the 1st Monday of the month.

 Trustee   Jason Holmes   715-551-5938 
 Trustee   Dan Lesniak  715-432-6294
 Citizen  Ray Bender   715-359-8469
 Citizen  Heather Roth  262-224-2770
 Citizen  Jordyn Wadle  719-466-1138

Meeting packets, minutes and audio AVAILABLE HERE.