The Village of Kronenwetter was incorporated under general law and, under a Wisconsin constitutional amendment, has “home rule” powers to determine its own local affairs. The Village President presides over the seven-member Board of Trustees and votes as an ex officio trustee.  Village trustees and the President are elected for two-year terms in spring non-partisan elections.

The Village Administrator functions as the chief administrative officer. The administrative staff consists of five department heads: Village Clerk, Police Chief, Finance Director/Treasurer, Director of Public Works, Community Development/Zoning Administrator and Volunteer Fire Chief.

The Village Board has appointed a number of commissions and committees that it has deemed necessary for the efficient operation of the Village.  These include:  Police and Fire Commission, Plan Commission, Redevelopment Authority, Board of Review, Board of Appeals, Administrative Policy Committee, Properties & Infrastructure Committee and Community Life & Public Safety Committee.  The appointed membership of these committees and commissions consists of both elected and non-elected officials.  On a temporary, as-needed basis, the Board may appoint special committees and sub-committees to meet limited, specific needs.

The Village utilizes a number of professional services organizations to support its financial, engineering, legal, and assessment needs.

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Kronenwetter Fire Department

The fire department provides full fire response to the entire Village of Kronenwetter and the Township of Guenther .  The fire department is responsible for fire fighting, search and rescue, hazardous material response, vehicle rescue and provides fire prevention support to four local schools.  Kronenwetter contracts with the Township of Rib Mountain  for paramedic level emergency services but provides on-site first-responders until an ambulance arrives on the scene. The Kronenwetter Fire Department is a combination of paid & volunteer members.

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Kronenwetter Police Department

The Kronenwetter Police Department’s mission is “to provide the Village of Kronenwetter a community oriented and proactive law enforcement agency which remains constantly focused on the protection of the citizen's and visitor's rights, personal safety and well being. This includes maintaining a constant vigil in the protection of property belonging to all individuals living in or passing through the community.”

Since the Kronenwetter Police Department's inception in 2004, it has been progressive in providing a state of the art department both in equipment and training.  It also provides a department that residents can work with and trust. Officers are patrolling the streets 7 days a week / 24 hours a day.


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Kronenwetter Municipal Court


The municipal court prosecutes traffic and ordinance citations issued by Kronenwetter police officers, not including criminal traffic.

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Kronenwetter Department of Public Works

The Public Works Department personnel maintain over 200 miles of roads and cover 52 square miles of Village territory.  The Village supports solid, recycling, and yard waste management by providing weekly pickup as well as a drop-off site for disposition of compostable yard waste.

Link: Kronenwetter DPW Webpage

Parks & Recreation

Every resident is invited to enjoy our community parks. They are where our children go to play, our families get together for reunions, our pets get a chance to run, and neighbors meet. Over the next few years, the Village will continue to upgrade playground equipment in all the parks for the safety of our children. Kronenwetter has seven beautiful community parks; the Village also has two county forestry units and a school forest within its boundaries.

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Water Utility


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