Village of Kronenwetter Water Utility

Phone: 715-693-4200, ext. 111

Water Utility Clerk: JOANNE RUECHEL
Phone: 715-693-5732 or 715-693-4200, ext. 106

EMERGENCY after hours phone number: 715-571-2697

As of March 30, 2017, the Village of Kronenwetter Water Utility can now email water bills to resident’s homes instead of sending them.  If you live within the Water Utility area, please feel free to fill out and email or fax me the attached form and I will get you set up on the quarterly electronic water bills.

Please note that the quarterly water bill will be sent from the domain name “Village of Kronenwetter”.  If you change your email address, please notify the Water Utility as soon as possible so we can keep our records current.

FRM_Emailing Water Bills Authorization_FILLABLE

Direct Debit Authorization Form

As an option to paying your Water Utility quarterly billings, the Village of Kronenwetter is making available an ACH (Automated Clearing House) withdrawal of funds option.  This enables your water and sewer bills to be paid to the Village of Kronenwetter automatically.  Please note that you will need to contact the Village of Kronenwetter Water Utility department if your bank or your bank account number changes.

Please download the form, fill it out and return it to the Village of Kronenwetter Water Utility Department.

ACH Direct Debit Authorization

The Village of Kronenwetter Water Utility is pleased to present the 2016 Consumer Confidence Report. The report has a wealth of information on you utility bill and water rates, water quality test results and educational information. Anyone with questions on the report should contact Joanne at 715-693-5732 and she will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

CCR Report 2016

Watermain Flushing for New Developments

Work on two new subdivisions has begun in the area east of Kowalski Road and Sunny Meadow Drive and south of Forest Grove Avenue and Summerset Court.  Watermains are being extended as part of the new developments and the existing watermains will be flushed as part of the new pipe installation procedure in these areas.  The construction flushing will be conducted before the regular Village flushing in May.

Construction schedules are hard to predict, but the Summerset mains are expected to be flushed Tuesday or Wednesday, April 11 or April 12.  The flushing is to be a slow, all day flush to minimize disturbances.  However, temporary colored water events may occur.

Your Utility Bill

Your utility bill is sent out on a quarterly basis at the end of the billing cycle to the property owner for the service address, and will be due approximately 20 days after the bill is sent.  Please keep in mind when mailing checks, that the day your payment reaches the Water Utility office is the day that it is processed and not the date on the check or the postmark on the envelope.  Mail is not delivered to the Municipal Center on Saturdays.

The Kronenwetter Water Utility offers the opportunity to pay your quarterly water and sewer bills by ACH (Direct Debit Authorization). Forms can be picked up at the Municipal Center or click the link below.  Completed forms may be mailed, emailed or faxed to the Water Utility.

Direct Debit Authorization Form

You can now make water utility payments in office with your debit or credit card!  (Service available through GovPayNet)
You may also make payments online by clicking the icon below or by going to (Pay Location Code is a000qz).
Delinquent water and sewer bills accrue interest (late charges) every month (water and fire protection 1%, sewer 3%) until paid in full.  Penalties are added on all amounts due on the first business day after the 20th of every month.  Delinquent water and sewer penalties may not be waived.

If you are unable to pay your quarterly water bill by the due date please contact the Utility office to set up a deferred payment agreement. Customers may be able to avoid disconnection of service by entering into a deferred payment plan. Service will not be disconnected if the customer makes a downpayment of 25% against their outstanding bill and agrees to pay the remaining outstanding balance in payments.

For your convenience, the Water Utility has a locked collection box by the front door of the Municipal Center (the new entrance is located on the west side of the building facing the road) for before and after hours payments.  Again, please allow ample time for your payment to reach the Water Utility office.
Your utility bill consists of three components; a base charge, a water volume charge and a sewer volume charge.  See the table below for pricing.  Most residential homes have a 5/8” meter installed.
Base Meter - Water + Fire Protection + Sewer = Total
5/8” meter $16.20 $13.20 $21.85 $51.25
3/4” meter $16.20 $13.20 $21.85 $51.25
1” meter $30.00 $33.00 $109.25 $172.25
1 ½” meter $36.00 $66.00 $218.50 $320.50
2” meter $51.00 $105.00 $327.75 $483.75
2” compound meter $51.00 $105.00 $655.50 $811.50
First 15,000 gallons   $3.59 per 1,000 gallons $3.39 per 1,000 gallons of metered water
Over 15,000 gallons  $3.43 per 1,000 gallons

Water Supply Testing

Over the past several years the Water Utility has been evaluating the water quality produced from Well No. 2. Beginning Monday Oct 17 we will be conducting a two week test of water treatment processes. Well No.2 will be off line and Well No. 1 will be supplying all of the drinking water. With the change in supply patterns the water distribution flow patterns in the  system will also be slightly different. For the first few days the change in flow may disturb mineral deposits in the system and produce areas of colored water. The recent Fall system flushing was successful, so we do not expect much of an impact from the flow changes, but the colored water events are not predictable. If there are any colored water events we expect them to clear in a few hours. Please contact the utility office with any questions.

The Village of Kronenwetter Water Utility is pleased to present the 2015 Consumer Confidence Report. The report has a wealth of information on you utility bill and water rates, water quality test results and educational information. Anyone with questions on the report should contact Joanne at 715-693-5732 and she will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Consumer Confidence Report 2015

Sewer Maintenance Policy
All of the Village's wastewater is pumped to the Rib Mountain Metro Sewerage District. We must not only abide by the sewer ordinances, but also the Rib Mountain Metro Sewerage District sewer ordinances. Dumping of automobile oil, gasoline, or other contaminants down a drain is prohibited.
The municipal sewer system is equipped to handle normal sanitary wastewater removal. Sewer backups occasionally occur on a sudden and random basis. Please do not use your toilet as an ashtray, wastebasket, or garbage disposal. Cooking oil should not be dumped down the drain as it can solidify in the cooler, deep sewers. Please do not flush items that may become long and stringy, such as rags or wash clothes, paper products, plastic, grease, or diapers down the drain.
These items can clog pumps and valves, creating backups or damage to lift station equipment. When these items are flushed into the system, there is a chance that you may have a sewer backup in your basement. The water and sewer department will not provide any compensation to property owners (or renters) for damage done by sudden and accidental sewer backups.
These costs are impacting our operating expenses and could force a rate increase.As a residential user, you can control what goes down the drain. Property owners and renters can make a difference in keeping our system operational and our sewer rates down.
Here's an article about wipes in the pipes click here!

Here's another article from USA Today click here! 

Private Wells

In the continued effort to ensure safe water for Village residents, we are continuing to enforce the Private Well Permit ordinance. The property owners within Kronenwetter Water Utility boundaries with a private well (it does not matter if it is a drilled well or a point well) are REQUIRED to obtain a Private Well Operating Permit from the Kronenwetter Water Utility.

If you wish to install a point well, you will need to contact Sandy Herschberger at the Madison DNR office and request a Well Construction Report Form. Her phone number is (608) 267-7605. A DNR Notification number is also required PRIOR to construction. You may obtain a DNR Notification Number online at: Under "Online Services", click on the Well Construction Notification and answer the questions. Be sure to print a copy for your records. A second option is that you may also visit one of the 1500 locations throughout Wisconsin where hunting & fishing licenses are sold. You will receive a receipt for your records which displays a DNR Notification Number.

As of January 2011, the DNR requires that all new wells must be inspected by a licensed well driller or pump installer and a copy of WI DNR form 3300-221 submitted to the Water Utility. The DNR requires this inspection every ten years. Private Well Permit renewals for 2012 and going forward will be required to comply with the 10 year inspection and provide the Village with a copy of WI DNR form 3300-221. Click the link for a copy of the WI Admin Code NR 810.15 regarding private well regulations.

After the well is constructed and approved by the DNR, you must contact the Water Utility office to set up an inspection and water test to receive your Private Well Operating Permit.

State and municipal codes require that wells be abandoned if they do not have a valid permit, meet code requirements, or are not in use. The Kronenwetter Water Utility will issue fines if a permit is not obtained or renewed. The fines will appear on the quarterly water bill.  All well abandonments must be done by a licensed plumber or well driller. If you abandon your well, you must provide a copy of the abandonment form to the Water Utility office for our files.

For additional well code information you may contact Drinking Water and Groundwater staff at the DNR Regional Offices throughout the State or your local licensed well driller or pump installer or visit the web-site:

Scam Alert!!!

Recently, Channel 7 had a report of "employees" of a water utility calling customers and saying that the customers had outstanding balances that needed to be paid immediately. If the bill was not paid immediately, the water would be turned off. The calls came in after normal business hours and instructed the customer to get a money gram express payment from Wal-Mart and send it in right away. The caller would not allow a check to be mailed or take a credit card over the phone. THIS IS A SCAM.

The Village of Kronenwetter Water Utility Department DOES NOT do this. The Wisconsin Public Service Commission has set policies that we must follow. The Kronenwetter Water Utility will send a disconnection notice at least 10 days before your water is shut off. Kronenwetter Water Utility will NEVER call you and tell you to go to Wal-Mart for a money order. If we do disconnections, they are typically done on a Wednesday and during the day. This way, if anyone has any questions, they can call us and we can help them. If you do get a phone call after 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday or on the weekends, wait until the next morning and give us a call. We do not shut off water after normal business hours or on weekends unless there is an emergency, but never for disconnections due to non-payment of a bill.

If you do get any phone calls regarding your water bill, please give the Kronenwetter Water Utility a call at (715) 693-5732 and we can help you to determine if this is a scam or not.

Pool Fill

Click here to find out more information about filling your swimming pool.  The Village of Kronenwetter water utility does require 24 hours notice if you would like your pool filled by a Village water hydrant.

Clearwater Meter Available
Property owners who wish to meter municipal water that is used for lawn watering or other non-sewerage producing outdoor activities, can install a clear water meter parallel to the existing domestic use meter. The cost for a 5/8-inch meter is $10.00/quarter ($40.00/yr) of base charge, the cost of water ($3.59 per 1,000 gallons for the first 15,000 gallons and $3.43 per 1,000 gallons over 15,000 gallons), a $25.00 permit fee, and the cost of a plumber to connect the meter to the outdoor water faucets. If you have any questions, please call us at the Water Utility office.
Typical water use at home
Bath A full tub is about 36 gallons.
Shower 2-2.5 gallons per minute. Old shower heads use as much as 4 gallons per minute.
Teeth brushing Less than 1 gallon, especially if water is turned off while brushing. Newer bath faucets use about 1 gallon per minute, whereas older models use over 2 gallons.
Hands/face washing 1 gallon
Face/leg shaving 1 gallon
Dishwasher 20 gallons/load, depending of efficiency of dishwasher
Dishwashing by hand: 4 gallons/minute for old faucets.. Newer kitchen faucets use about 1-2 gallons per minutes.
Clothes washer 25 gallons/load for newer washers. Older models use about 40 gallons per load.
Toilet flush 3 gallons for older models. Most all new toilets use 1.2-1.6 gallons per flush.
Glasses of water drunk 8 oz. per glass
Outdoor watering 2 gallons per minute

Click the link below to see the Wellhead Protection Plan:

Village of Kronenwetter Wellhead Protection Plan

Uni-Directional Flushing Program

What is it?  Uni-directional flushing is a routine process of cleaning the piping of the water distribution system.  Most water providers conduct a systematic and controlled flushing program to remove sediments and stale water and to help maintain chlorine residuals throughout the system.  Flushing improves the overall quality of the water in the distribution system and assists in the overall system maintenance.

Why is the Village doing it?  Aren’t the water pipes clean?  The water mains are designed to handle fire flow, which may be several times larger than domestic or commercial water flow.  The velocity of flow (or rate that water flows through pipes) in most mains is normally fairly low.  Due to this, mineral solids may settle on the bottom of the pipes.  The problem may be more significant where there are dead-end pipes or areas of low water use.  Over time, these deposits reduce the “carrying capacity” of the pipe.  They can also be a source of color, odor and taste problems in the water if the deposits are stirred up by increases in the flow.  Flushing the pipes at high velocities will normally remove most of the settled substances and discolored water.

Doesn’t this flushing program waste water?  While it may appear to be wasteful, flushing is the most effective way to keep our drinking water safe, clean and pleasant tasting.  Crews conducting the flushing keep careful records of the amount of water that is flushed through the lines.  Therefore, this water is accounted for and tracked along with other uses of water.  This is a preventative maintenance program, so a little planned flushing now can save a lot of unplanned flushing later.

How exactly is the process carried out?  Crews will arrive on the scene and locate the specific hydrant, making sure that appropriate valves are either open or closed according to the need.  They will also attach a diffuser to the outlet of the hydrant.  The diffuser will spread the water over a larger area, so that sidewalks, roads and unpaved surfaces are not damaged.  Crews will then fully open the hydrant and keep the water flowing at this high velocity until the water is clear.

Why can’t you tell me exactly what days my streets will be flushed?  Yes, but knowing that information will not guarantee that you will not have brown water at your home.  Remember the water system is a closed system and there is a possibility of any home getting brown water while the flushing is occurring.  Additionally, while the Village tries to maintain a schedule of flushing, there could be changes in the schedule due to emergencies or inoperable valves, which would make the schedule list obsolete.

What else do Village water customers need to know to prepare for the flushing process?  During the actual flushing process, water customers may experience some disturbance in their usual water service such as a short-term decrease in water pressure or the appearance of “brown water”.  Although the water should not pose a health risk, it is best to avoid drinking the water until it runs clear from the tap.

Avoid washing clothes during the flushing times.  Plan ahead and do your laundry over the weekend to avoid the possibility of having stained clothes.  If you inadvertently have washed your clothes in “brown or discolored water”, DO NOT USE BLEACH.   The Water Department recommends using “Iron Out” laundry detergent.

Do not prepare baby food or formula if the water is discolored.  Use bottled water or pre-prepare food and formula.  You can also boil the water for 5 minutes to ensure safety.

It is okay to use the water for showering, bathing and toilet flushing.

It’s often a good idea to use water stored in the refrigerator to drink, even when the flushing program is over.  This is a good habit to get into to save water running from the tap until it gets cold.

Water/Sewer Lateral Insurance Coverage

HomeServe USA Repair Management Corporation recently sent advertising letters to some customers of the Village of Kronenwetter Water Utility. Though the mailing appears to be an official notice, this is a sales campaign for water lateral insurance coverage. Similar companies may also contact homeowners offering sewer lateral insurance coverage. HomeServe is not endorsed by nor affiliated with the Village of Kronenwetter Water Utility and the coverage they or similar companies offer is optional.

Though the company correctly states that property owners are responsible for lateral repair costs between the Village right-of-way and the home, property owners are urged to read the fine print of the coverage offered by HomeServe. Additionally, it is recommended that property owners contact their current homeowner’s insurance carrier to see if they are already covered for a lateral damage incident or backup. If not, they may be able to add water/sewer backup coverage to their homeowner’s policy.

Residents are encouraged to research HomeServe USA Repair Management Corporation on the Better Business Bureau website, and to contact the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection for more information.

Sanitary Sewer Bill Adjustment Policy

Sanitary Sewer Bill Adjustment Form

Security of Well Site Facilities

Please remember that UNAUTHORIZED motor vehicles are prohibited on the well site. The Village of Kronenwetter has tried to discourage unauthorized motor vehicle use on the well site by trenching ditches and placing signs at entrances. Unauthorized motor vehicles do include recreation vehicles such as ATVs and snowmobiles!!

Public Fire Protection (PFP) Charge
The PFP charge is a fee that the Wisconsin Public Service Commission established for every municipality with a water distribution system. In many communities, this fee is added to the property taxes. However, when PFP is part of the property tax system, tax exempt properties do not contribute. So recently, many communities are changing and making the PFP charge a part of the water bill. In Kronenwetter, the PFP charge has always been a part of the water bill.

Meter Exchange and Inspection

Operators are in the process of exchanging meters in certain areas of the Water Utility. The Public Service Commission requires that the Utility exchange 10% of the meter population every year to ensure accuracy to both the home owner and utility. If you receive a postcard, please call the Water Utility office to set up an appointment for the meter exchange and cross connection inspection; there is no fee to you for this service. These appointments are generally about 15 minutes in length. Please have the area around your meter cleared out to reduce the amount of time for your appointment. For your safety, please make sure that the operator or anyone claiming to need entry into your home is wearing an identification badge. Employees and authorized representatives of the Water Utility have a Village of Kronenwetter identification tag with their photograph on it.

Manganese Discoloration - Stain Removal

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