Your Utility Bill

Your Utility Bill

Your utility bill is sent out on a quarterly basis at the end of the billing cycle to the property owner for the service address, and will be due approximately 20 days after the bill is sent.  Please keep in mind when mailing checks, that the day your payment reaches the Water Utility office is the day that it is processed and not the date on the check or the postmark on the envelope Mail is not delivered to the Municipal Center on Saturdays.
The Kronenwetter Water Utility offers the opportunity to pay your quarterly water and sewer bills by ACH (Direct Debit Authorization). Forms can be picked up at the Municipal Center or click the link below.  Completed forms may be mailed, emailed or faxed to the Water Utility.
Direct Debit Authorization Form
You can now make water utility payments in office with your debit or credit card!
  (Service available through GovPayNet)

You may also make payments online by clicking the icon below or by going to (Pay Location code is a000qz).Make a payment logo

Delinquent water and sewer bills accrue interest (late charges) everymonth (water and fire protection 1%, sewer 3%) until paid in full.  Penalties are added on all amounts due on the first business day after the 20th of every month.  Delinquent water and sewer penalties may not be waived.

If you are unable to pay your quarterly water bill by the due date please contact the Utility office to set up a deferred payment agreement. Customers may be able to avoid disconnection of service by entering into a deferred payment plan. Service will not be disconnected if the customer makes a downpayment of 25% against their outstanding bill and agrees to pay the remaining outstanding balance in payments.

For your convenience, the Water Utility has a locked collection box by the front door of the Municipal Center (the new entrance is located on the west side of the building facing the road) for before and after hours payments.  Again, please allow ample time for your payment to reach the Water Utility office.
Your utility bill consists of three components; a base charge, a water volume charge and a sewer volume charge.  See the table below for pricing.  Most residential homes have a 5/8” meter installed.
Base Meter - Water + Fire Protection + Sewer = Total
5/8” meter   $16.20   $13.20   $21.85   $51.25
3/4” meter   $16.20   $13.20   $21.85   $51.25
1” meter   $30.00   $33.00   $109.25   $172.25
1 ½” meter   $36.00   $66.00   $218.50   $320.50
2” meter   $51.00   $105.00   $327.75   $483.75
2” compound meter   $51.00   $105.00   $655.50   $811.50