Water Quality Efforts

Water Quality Efforts

The Village of Kronenwetter is dedicated to providing quality water to each and every home within our service area.    The Village is also dedicated to ensuring that the customers of the Water Utility are kept informed about what the Village is doing to ensure the goal of providing quality water is being met.   Below you will find a summary of the recent activities that the staff of the Village, under the direction of the Village Board have undertaken to meet the quality directives of the Village Board.   

 Date  Activity  Action Taken 
February 5, 2019  Water Quality consultant propoposals are presented to the Property and Infrastructure Committee  
January 25, 2019  Deadline for Water Quality consultants.  
December 11, 2018 The Request for a Water Quality consultant comes before the Village Board for review and final approval.  The Village Board takes official action directing staff to submit the RFP out to interested firms.   The RFP is also posted on the Village's website, found here.
December 4, 2018 A Request for Proposals for a Water Quality consultant is sent to the Property and Infrastructure Committee for review and recommendation to the Village Board.  The Committee reviewed information in their packet, found here.  They discussed the RFP and then recommended it onto the Village Board for final review and then submittal to interested firms.  
October 23, 2018  During a public meeting the Village Board received an update from the Village staff regarding the recent meeting with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Public Service Commission (PSC).   The Village Board directed staff to begin the process of finding a consultant to evaluate the different options available to the Village for impacting the water quality and to hold off on putting together a water survey until the consultant has been selected. 
October 2, 2018 The Property and Infrastructure Committee, during their regular public meeting received information from the Village staff from a meeting that was held between Village staff, staff with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC).   The Committee reviewed information in their packet, found here.  They requested that the Village staff put together a survey of the users of the water utility that will be more extensive than the questions that were included in the Comprehensive Plan survey. 
September 28, 2018  The Village Administrator, Public Works Director and the Contracted Operator in charge met with representatives of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) to discuss the next steps that the Village would have to take to address resident concerns with water quality within the Village.  Representatives of DNR and PSC provided the Village a list of things that the Village should have a consultant evaluate.  They stressed that in addition to the consultant's review, the Village should plan to have multiple contacts with the Village's customers via open houses, surveys and other means to ensure that customers are aware of the issues that are being considered.  It is also stressed that the Village Board needs to have a requested course of action on this matter which relates to the consultant's review.   Neither the PSC nor the DNR will dictate the solution unless the Village's water does not meet DNR standards for water quality. 

Below are other links to documents and web sites that relate to the water quality of the Village.  
Notes regarding Link   Link  
 This web site, which is hosted by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources allows any user to review the information on file for any public water system within Wisconsin.     https://dnr.wi.gov/dwsviewer
This document, provided by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is a reference document regarding Manganese in Drinking Water.  It provides an excellent source of information for homeowners and other members of the public.    Manganese in Drinking Water
The link to the right is a link to NR 809.70 the Wisconsin State Statute that covers secondary inorganic chemical and physical standards.  Within this law it does reference the secondary standards for inorganic chemicals.   The entire Safe Water Standard is also accessible from this page.   Wisconsin Statute NR 809-Safe Drinking Water

The Village's Water system is highly regulated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  The Village performs numerous tests to ensure that the water meets the standards set by the DNR.  The yearly reports of the tests that the Village performs, are contained within the Consumer Confidence Report of the Village that are released to the public each year.  The Village has all of those reports posted here.    

If you have questions about the quality of your water, please feel free to contact the Water Department using the link at the left.   The water utility clerk can normally answer any questions about your water, and can also schedule appointments with Village staff for residents that have further questions.