Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance

The Village’s highly skilled operators are able to perform a wide array of street maintenance tasks, from patching and wedging all the way to reconstruction. Our street maintenance crew also maintains street signs, paints and preserves street center lines and fog lines, right-of-way tree trimming, and a variety of other tasks to enhance the safety and quality of our roads.  

If you see our crew out working, please slow down and give them plenty of room to work. Their families are waiting for them at home.

2019 Chip-Seal
Map of 2019 Chip Seal

Starting August 12th, a contractor for the Village will begin to put down what is known as a “chip-seal” on a few streets in the Village, please click on the link above to view the locations of the roads being done.  

A chip-seal is  a cost effective way to seal and protect the wearing surface of a road. The process includes laying a thin layer of oil followed by dropping small "chips" on the road surface.  Some excess “loose chips” can be expected, and will be swept by the Village in a few weeks. 

Some roads that were chip-sealed in 2018 will be redone, due to a failure of the oil emulsion mix used.