Snowplow Mailbox Damage

Mailbox Damage Policy

The Department of Public Works is responsible for clearing as much snow and ice as Possible from the streets in The Village of Kronenwetter. This means we will Plow as close to the shoulder as possible. Public Works takes great care not to damage any property within the Village right-of-way, however, mailboxes occasionally get damaged.
The Public Works Department will reimburse for any damaged standard mailbox and/or support post when the following four (4) criteria are met:

  1. It is determined that the Village plow operators damaged the mailbox
  2. The mailbox had been properly repaired per USPS installation guidelines
  3. Claims must be reported within 7 days
  4. Only roads plowed by the Village shall be compensable, County Roads will fall under Marathon County.

If all the criteria noted above are, the Village of Kronenwetter will reimburse you up to $45, and copies of your receipts are required.
If the mailbox is damaged by the Village and the resident cannot temporarily repair it, the Village will install a temporary mailbox until repair/replacement is completed. The Village will retrieve any temporary mailbox by May 15th.
Note: Any mailbox damaged by the weight of the snow exiting the plow (windrow) will not be covered under this policy. If the mailbox is not placed distance and height from the roadway, and is damaged by flying snow or slush, no compensation is authorized.