Property Tax Credits

Property Tax Credits

Wisconsin has three property tax credits: First Dollar Tax Credit, Lottery and Gaming Tax Credit, and the School Levy Tax Credit that the State of Wisconsin pays to local governments to reduce the property tax levy. You must apply for the Lottery and Gaming Credit; but the First Dollar and the School Levy Tax Credits are automatically applied to your tax bill.

First Dollar Tax Credit
The First Dollar Credit provides direct property tax relief as a credit for Wisconsin property owners on their property tax bill. Every taxable parcel (business, commercial or private) containing a real property improvement in the Village of Kronwetter qualifies for the First Dollar Credit, regardless if the property is the owner's primary residence. 

This credit is automatically applied to all qualifying properties. If the property tax bill shows an amount under “Assessed Value Improvements,” that property should receive the credit. If you feel your property qualifies for the credit and it does not appear on the tax bill, please contact the Village.

Lottery and Gaming Tax Credit

The Lottery and Gaming Tax Credit distributes revenues from Wisconsin Lottery sales during the year to provide property tax relief for qualifying taxpayers. You qualify for the Lottery Credit if, as of January 1, 2018, you were the owner of the property and used that property as your primary residence OR you purchased your primary residence in 2018 and the previous owner qualified for the Lottery Credit. You cannot claim the Lottery and Gaming Credit on business property, rental units, vacant land, garages or other property that is not the owner's primary residence. 

To receive the credit, you must file an application with the Village Treasurer. If you qualify but do not have the Lottery Credit on your tax bill, please fill out the Department of Revenue's Lottery and Gaming Credit forms
The deadline to apply is October 1.

School Levy Tax Credit
The School Levy Tax Credit provides property tax relief by reducing the local school levy. Each municipality receives a school levy credit from the state of Wisconsin based on its share of statewide school taxes levied over the three preceding years. All taxable real property in Wisconsin qualifies for the School Levy Tax Credit. The credit amount is listed on the property tax bill underneath the "Net Assessed Value Rate" box.

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