Gravel Tree Bed

Gravel Tree Bed

Thanks to the assistance of a DNR Grant from 2017, the Village of Kronenwetter was able to construct a gravel tree bed this spring in which to plant trees. The purpose of these trees was to assist residents in replacing trees that may have been lost due to Oak Wilt or just greening up their yard with extra vegetation.

Gravel beds work by stressing the trees in order to make them more viable to survive planting. Trees are placed in the gravel bed bare root. The lack of nutrients and soil cause the trees to focus energy on their root systems, causing them to send out more hairs. This expanded root systems allows for a higher survival rate when the trees are planted in the fall.

Contact Emily Grabenstein at the Municipal Center or email her at for more information.

Before and After Tree Comparsion of Roots from Gravel Tree Bed

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