Comprehensive Plan Update

The Village of Kronenwetter, with the assistance of the North Central Wisconsin Regional Plan Commission (NCWRPC), has started the process of updating the Village’s Comprehensive Plan which was last completed in 2009. A comprehensive plan is a local government's guide to a community’s physical, social, and economic development. Comprehensive plans are not meant to serve as land use regulations in themselves; instead, they provide a rational basis for local land use decisions with a twenty-year vision for future planning and community decisions.

 The Village’s Comprehensive Plan will identify the nine elements as required by State Statues. These include: Issues and Opportunities, Natural Resources, Housing, Utilities and Community Facilities, Transportation, Economic Development, Land Use, Intergovernmental Cooperation, and Implementation. The Village will also be looking to add two additional chapters to focus on issues that we identify throughout this process. 

As part of the update, the Village sent out a survey to business owners, residents, and property owner within the Village. The survey results can be found here

A draft of the Comprehensive Plan can be found here.