Citizen Guides

Citizens Guides to Building Permits

The Village of Kronenwetter has compiled several guides to assist residents in understanding how to acquire building permits for their residential projects. See below the various guides. If you have further questions, you can call the Kronenwetter Municipal Center at 715-693-4200 or email

Citizens Guide to Building Permits
This guide was created to help residents and contractors through the residential permitting process and associated inspection process. The guide was specifically designed to provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to permitting, including: when a permit is required, who is authorized to perform the work, applicable codes, setbacks, permit submittals, and required inspections. 
This guide outlines the procedure for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy, which is necessary before occupying a new building or an addition to an existing building, and  is also necessary prior to changing the use of a building.

Citizens Guide to Garages and Accessory Buildings
This guide provides direction and answers any questions you may have about adding additional storage space to your property.
This guide provides direction and attempts to answers questions you may have about installing residential fencing on your property. 
This guide spells out the building code requirements for installing windows that are used for exiting. Also note that a header must be installed above the window.

The Village offers Building Inspection Services
Monday through Friday after 4 PM.
If you have any questions regarding code issues or inspection scheduling, please call Kevin Breit, Building Inspector
at 715-693-1176.
We look forward to meeting and working
with you on your building projects.