A comprehensive plan is a local government's guide to community physical, social, and economic development.  Comprehensive plans are not meant to serve as land use regulations in themselves; instead, they provide a rational basis for local land use decisions with a twenty-year vision for future planning and community decisions.

The Village of Kronenwetter adopted their Comprehensive Plan on December 28, 2009.

Village of Kronenwetter Comprehensive Plan (48 Kb)
Future Land Use Plan

Comprehensive Plan Survey

A community survey was conducted as part of the Comprehensive Planning efforts in 2009.  Surveys were mailed to all households in Kronenwetter using the newsletter mailing address list.  A total of 1,114 responses were received from 3,175 surveys distributed; a 35% response rate.

Respondents were asked to identify what types of recreational facilities are needed in the Village.  Nearly 70 percent indicated that non-motorized multi-use paths are urgently or somewhat needed.  About 48 percent of responses indicated that picnic areas/pavilions are “somewhat or urgently needed.”  Several items received over 50 percent of responses as “not needed,” including motorized multi-use paths, a swimming facility, and an indoor recreation center.  Athletic fields and small neighborhood parks both received over 40 percent “not needed” responses.  Many commented that facilities are not needed due to a concern for tax impacts.  Improvements that can be done with minimal impact to taxes would be the most supported.  Some options to do this include grant funds, volunteer organizations, and partnering with other jurisdictions.